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Everest Automatic Series

Introducing the Everest Automatic Series, the perfect timepiece for the modern gentleman. This exquisite watch is designed with a 82S0 Automatic Skeleton Movement from Citizen, complete with Côtes de Genève decoration. This ensures a reliable and precise timekeeping experience, making it the ideal accessory for any occasion.

The watch is composed of 21 Jewels, and features three hands, automatic and hand winding functions. The glass is made of Sapphire Crystal, ensuring durability and scratch resistance. The watch is made of high-quality stainless steel and features a transparent back case, allowing you to admire the intricacies of the skeleton movement.

Sapphire Crystal Glass | 82S0 Automatic Movement | 21 Jewels | 42 Hrs Power Reserve

The Everest Silver Blue Automatic is the perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern design. The silver strap beautifully contrasts with the blue dial, while the illuminating indexes ensure easy readability in any lighting condition.

Everest Black Automatic

The Everest Black Automatic exudes a sleek and sophisticated style. The black strap and dial provide a striking contrast, with blue accents adding a touch of modernity. The illuminating indexes make it easy to read the time, even in low-light situations.

The Everest Gun Metal Black Automatic is a stylish and versatile timepiece that can be worn with any outfit. The space gray strap complements the black dial, while the illuminating indexes make it easy to read the time in any lighting condition. This watch is the perfect accessory for the modern man who wants to make a statement with his style.

The Everest Gun Metal White Automatic is a perfect blend of contemporary design and functionality. The space gray strap beautifully complements the white dial, while the illuminating indexes ensure easy readability. This watch is the ideal choice for the modern gentleman who appreciates style and practicality.

The Everest Automatic Watch boasts a range of impressive features, including a power reserve of up to 42 hours, a BPH of 21600, and an accuracy range of -20~+40 sec per day. Additionally, the hack-second or stop-second feature allows you to set the time precisely.

The Everest Automatic Series comes in four striking color models, ensuring that there is a design to suit every taste. With its exceptional craftsmanship and sophisticated design, the Everest Automatic Watch is a must-have accessory for any watch enthusiast.